120-616 Film Adapter Kit

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This KIT makes it possible to load 120 film into 616 cameras!

These Adapters let you load normal medium format 120 film in cameras made for the 616 film spools (cameras like old Kodak SIX-16 or Brownie). The 616 film went out of production in 1985 and are extremely difficult to find, and if found are expensive and and obviously expired!

If you have an empty 616 spool you can use it as a take-up spool, but when you finish shooting you will have to manually re-spool it in the dark in order to load more 120 films. With this kit you can load and shoot fresh film without the “re-spooling” issue: just insert the adapters at the ends of the 120 film spools to make it the same size of the 616 spools.

The 120-616 Film Adater KIT
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The adapters are made of very durable Nylon plastics with metal inserts where the friction occurs.

The kit comes with 4 pieces: three of them are paddings (note the “P” marking), the fourth and most important is a key (marked with “K”). The Key adapter has to be mounted where the camera's spooling handle is, because it has a particular interlocking for the spooling advance: the wind-up lever must connect perfectly with the spool.

Kodak Six-16 Model C with 120 film adapters
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After the roll is exposed, just take it out and put the adapters on a new film. Take the empty spool and use it as take-up spool (just like in today's medium format cameras)!

Product price is 24€.
Worldwide shipment costs 4€

See how to use them! YouTube Video

See more pictures of the adapters in action here: 120-616 Film Adapter KIT (v.2) - @Flickr

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